All Products are Intended for Use with Tobacco & Other Legal Herbs.

Legal Information

Website Terms and Conditions of Use

All content on our website is provided for informational purposes and to provide current & potential customers information about our products. We do not sell online and this website is not intended to facilitate online sales. All images, content, and media are the copywritten property of KC Smoke & Vape, a division of The West Missouri Tobacco Alliance Inc., and may not be used without express written consent. All rights are reserved and fiercely defended.

Product Intent

Our products are manufactured and sold with the intent that they be used for their associated legal purposes. For must of our products that use includes tobacco and other legal smoking herbs such as damiana, wild lettuce, mugwort, industrial hemp flower, etc. In the instance of our vape products that use generally includes nicotine containing substances and CBD products containing less than it's associated legal limit of delta-9 THC. It is our expectations that any customer making a purchase is going to use that product for it's intended purpose. If we believe that any potential customer intends to use one of our products for an illicit purpose, we will refuce to sell them that product. Additionally, most of our products are age restricted by various City, State, County, and Federal regulations. We abide by all of these regulations and will not make a sale if it violates them or if we believe that a customer is making a purchase for someone else in violation of them.

Product Availablity

This website contains a massive amount of information. We do our best to keep it up to date and to remove items when they are no longer available. By using this website you acknowledge that you understand that there is no express or implied guarantee of availability and that even though the item was available when we added it to our site, it is likely that it will no longer be available at some point in the future. Additionally, as laws and regulations regarding our products change we do our best to remove any examples of or references to prohibited items but again, given the sheer number of products, that is difficult to maintain. Any prohibited items that are still listed should be considered out of date information and are not intended as an offer to sell these prohibited items.

Privacy Policy

We do not collect your information for any purpose because it is your information and none of our business. We strive to protect your privacy on our site and in our store at all times. We understand that you visit each with a "reasonable expectation of privacy" as defined by US Law and as such, we are not required to release any information about you, or our customers at large, without a warrent.