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Whether you are looking for a replacement mod, a new tank, or a fresh pair of batteries, KC Smoke & Vape carries everything you need to get you started enjoying your favorite e-juice. Our wide selection of mods features devices ranging from as low as 10 Watts all the way up to 225 Watts, devices with external and internal batteries, and tons of options for color, battery life, and ergonomics. Additionally, we carry external batteries from two of the most popular brands, Efest & Imren, in various sizes including the widely used 18650. Need a new tank? We've got you covered! KC Smoke & Vape carries tanks in all varieties: sub-ohm, mouth-to-lung, and disposable. We also stock coils for all of our available tanks as well as tons of coils for past and present tanks. Whatever you need, are staff strives to find the perfect solution for your specific setup!