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Power all your devices from trusted battery brands, available at KC Smoke & Vape.


Whether you need to buy your first set of batteries, need to replace your old ones, or are just looking to squeeze a little more power out of your device, our Kansas City store provides a wide selection of rechargable batteries to get you powered up. From high amp, high drain batteries to high mah, long lasting batteries, we carry 18650's, 21700's, & 26650's batteries for many popular vape devices.

Batteries currently provided include:

  • 18650 IMREN 2600mah 50A/30A
  • 18650 IMREN 3500mah 30A/15A
  • 18650 Efest 3000mah 35A/20A
  • 18650 Vamped 2300mah 40A
  • 21700 IMREN 4800mah 30A/10A
  • 21700 IMREN 5000mah 15A
  • 26650 Efest 3500mah 60A
  • 26650 Efest 5000mah 45A/18A
  • 26650 IMREN 4200mah 60A

We also carry protective battery cases as well to keep your batteries safe during transport and storage. Additionally, we stock a number of external battery charges as well, allowing you to charge your batteries outside of your device. Stop by KC Smoke & Vape and we will happily find the right batteries for you and your device!



Individual Products Coming Soon! In the mean time, please check out our category information or give us a call at 816-931-4434